This was updated on October 2nd

Hints for October

Garden Hints for October

It has been a year of extremes with cold and hot periods along with more rain than usual or very dry times. Despite this it seems most crops have done well this year.
Many of our vegetable crops will have been harvested but do keep checking for runner beans and such as they can go on cropping until the first severe frost. Courgettes and ridge cucumbers should be cut and used whilst young.  Parsnips and leeks can be left in the ground until needed and if you are able to grow carrots those as well.
Aquadulce broad beans can be sown to stand the winter as can autumn onion sets and garlic, there are some varieties of peas for autumn sowing but not many people bother as they do tend to grow very tall.
White fly can be a real nuisance on brussel sprouts and winter brassicas. Some will say that spraying with soapy water helps as there are no insecticides to control them.
It is not too late to plant some spring cabbage but do not leave it much longer.
Winter lettuce like valdor or winter density can be sown under cloches.
If you have not already cut down the canes from your summer fruiting raspberries , you should get it done soon, as with blackberries etc. If you want more blackberries it is very easy to peg down the tip of some new growth which will soon root to form new plants that can be cut off and planted in the early spring.
Autumn raspberries may carry on fruiting for a while and you leave their canes until the spring.
Rooted strawberry runners should be planted in their places whilst the soil is still warm and they will then start to form new roots.
Daffodil bulbs should have been planted last month but it is not too late. When you plant daffodils late they will still flower next year alright but can suffer the following year as they will be lacking roots to build the bulb up. Tulips can be planted right up to November with no real problems.
Tall growing roses can have some of the tallest growth cut back to avoid wind rock during the autumn winds.  

Visit to the Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst

Our July meeting this year was to the Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst. It really takes you back in time when you see all the pold greenhouses and frmes as they used to be many mant years back. The National Heritage are now involed in restoring the houses as they are such a unique collection.. If you missed our trip it is worth going on your own to see such old buildings.

Spring Show 2014

Our spring show was held on Saturday April 12th and was very successful with many entries of a very high standard. The judges were impressed and had quite a problem picking out the winners.

Annual General Meeting

Our A.G.M. was held on November 28th the Chairman reported that the year had gone as planned with one additional outing in April when we visited Coolings nursery.
All officers and committee were re-elected for a further year although the chairman and secretary with both retire at the end of the year.
The subscription was raised to £10.00 per member on a unanimous vote.
The business meeting was followed by pictures taken by John Parr at the spring show and some of our meetings taken by the chairman.
Details of next year's programme were given to the meeting and can be seen in the right hand column of this website.

Annual Dinner 2013

We held our annual dinner in the Brown Trout at Lamberhurst on Tuesday 6th August. There were 22 members and friends present and a really good meal and pleasant evening was had by all.
Ann made buttonholes for each of the ladies out of roses and sweetpeas.

July Meeting

Our monthly meeting in July was an evening visit to the Folly Wildlife Centre on Broadwater Forest.
We had had a visit by Aimee to talk about the Folly and the work they do when she had brought along some young hedgehogs that had been taken in. It is quite an eye opener to see the numbers of animals of all sorts that they help and just how busy they are. We were only there for just under 2 hours but 3 new animals arrived whilst we were there.

This is a young pheasant that had been released earlier but knowing how well it would be treated kept coming back